Network security posture management: A paradigm shift in the cloud

There has been a shift to cloud computing over the past few years, but the skills to manage these cloud workloads and applications have not kept up with demand. Even now, 10 years after the launch of Microsoft Azure and more than 15 years after Google and AWS launched their cloud services, we still have companies that adopt a traditional on-premises strategy of deploying and managing network security in the cloud.Continue reading

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So verhindern Sie, dass die „neue Normalität“ Probleme macht (Englisch)

OK — we’re all online, and we’re all remote — what's next? Most companies — Barracuda included — have been rapidly scaling up plans for more robust online access and secure remote workforce connectivity in the face of Covid-19. None of us anticipated “shelter-in-place” and wholesale building closures within two to three days. But here we are. People blinked, and the world was different.Continue reading

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