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Ransomware und SLED: Bewährte Strategien von jemandem, der Bescheid weiß

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If you’re responsible for cybersecurity in a state or local government or in an educational organization (SLED), I probably don’t need to tell you that ransomware attacks in your sector are completely out of control.

And while it’s never a good time to get hit with a large ransom demand, the threat of a looming recession probably has public-sector institutions starting to wonder if their next budget cycle is going to be all about managing cuts to funding, which would make it even harder to take a ransomware hit. And, in keeping with the way inflation is affecting everything, ransomware crooks have been upping their demands lately.

Actionable info for SLED IT pros

The good news is that there’s a webinar coming up that’s especially for SLED IT professionals like you. Leading the presentation will be Barracuda Principal Product Marketing Manager Stasia Hurley. And Stasia’s special guest for the event will be Mike Searight, Chief Information Officer for the City of Waco, Texas.

Mike has a wealth of experience in the field of public-sector IT. Before taking his current position at the City of Waco, he was Director of Information Systems and Services at McLennan Community College. So he’s very familiar with the cybersecurity challenges facing both local governments and educational institutions. And he’s coming to share the fruits of his experience with you — specifically, the tools and strategies needed to fight back against the rising tide of ransomware targeting SLED organizations like yours.

Spoiler alert

I was going to let this be a surprise, but what the heck: Mike is a big fan of Barracuda security solutions. He used them at McLennan, and one of the first things he did when he came to the City of Waco was to add several Barracuda products to the security stack there.

At the webinar, Mike’s not just going to tell you that he thinks our products are fantastic. He’s going to explain the specific strategies and best practices he’s using to dramatically reduce the ransomware risk to Waco’s city government. This includes a defense-in-depth approach that combines multiple tools and capabilities to protect against today’s more sophisticated ransomware threats — which are designed to simultaneously exploit vulnerabilities across multiple vectors.

You’ll find out how he combines advanced email security with powerful anti-phishing and backup capabilities. And you’ll get key insights on how to work cyber insurance into the mix to provide additional protection against ransomware losses — as long as you avoid the pitfalls that can trip up organizations that don’t prepare themselves fully to get a good price on a policy that will actually pay out should you ever file a claim.

First-hand knowledge

You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get a first-hand perspective on proven ransomware-security techniques. Mike’s been there and done that — fighting cybercrime in SLED environments for years, so the knowledge he has to share is worth your time.

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Reducing Ransomware Risk: Waco, Texas CIO Shares Proven Strategies

Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2022

10:00  bis 11:00 Uhr PT

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