Wie Microsoft Azure und Barracuda CloudGen WAN zusammenarbeiten

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Barracuda and Microsoft have been technical partners for a long time, and together we've helped our customers move securely to the public cloud, increasing performance and lowering costs. Our latest innovationsMicrosoft Azure Virtual WAN and Barracuda CloudGen WANtake the next logical step.  

What is Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN? 

The Microsoft Global Network (MGN) is made up of over 160,000 miles of fiber and subsea cable that connect more than 60 Azure regions and 160 Azure edge sites. Last year, Microsoft announced Azure Virtual WAN, a networking service that runs across the MGN. Azure Virtual WAN “allows a global transit network architecture by enabling ubiquitous, any-to-any connectivity between globally distributed sets of cloud workloads in VNets, branch sites, SaaS and PaaS applications, and users. 

CloudGen WAN Azure


For greater detail on Azure Virtual WAN, see this Microsoft presentation or listen to this episode of The Azure Podcast. Both feature Dr. Reshmi Yandapalli, a Principal Program Manager in the Azure Networking group, who explains how this all works and what it can do for dispersed organizations.   

Dr. Yandapalli joined Tim Jefferson and Nicole Napiltonia of Barracuda on our LinkedIn Live show, Below the Surface, on Monday. You can watch the full episode below.  


Barracuda CloudGen WAN 

To get the most out of your Azure deployment, you'll want to add Barracuda CloudGen WAN. This is a SaaS service that is built natively on Azure and provides secure and scalable SD-WAN services. There are multiple benefits to using CloudGen WAN on Azure:  

  • Leistungsstärke:  CloudGen WAN is optimized to provide the best experience for cloud and SaaS applications. 
  • Sicherheit:  Barracuda CloudGen WAN provides CloudGen Firewall security at branch locations and other Internet breakout sites, so that traffic does not have to be backhauled to a central location for security policies to apply. 
  • Kosteneinsparungen und Flexibilität:  MPLS-Leitungen werden durch das Microsoft Global Network ersetzt, das eine dynamische Skalierung und verbrauchsabhängige Kostenabrechnung ermöglicht. 
  • Schnelle Bereitstellung:  CloudGen WAN kann direkt im Azure Marketplace bereitgestellt werden und verbindet alle Zweigstellen und Homeoffices mit Zero-Touch-Deployment und bereits vorhandenen Standardkonfigurationen.   

Put simply, Barracuda CloudGen WAN provides a software-defined WAN that allows you to eliminate leased lines and multiple vendors that you may be using to create your WAN today. Replace that infrastructure with lower-cost Internet service that will connect you to the Microsoft Global Network, and Barracuda CloudGen WAN will handle the connectivity and security for your WAN. Here's a short overview of how it works:  


Barracuda CloudGen WAN is built natively on the cloud and combines ease of use, full security, and cloud-scalable SD-WAN connectivity. It can be deployed directly from the Azure Marketplace for as many regions as needed and administered centrally in the CloudGen WAN portal for all office locations and remote endpoints. It is also optimized for Microsoft 365 and other mission-critical applications. 

 Weitere Informationen zu den Barracuda Solutions for Microsoft Azure on our website at www.barracuda.com. 

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