Barracuda-CTO Fleming Shi über KI, Bots und Advanced Threats

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Many of you are familiar with the TWIT podcast network, which offers dozens of technology-related shows.  The network was founded by former TechTV host Leo Laporte in 2005.  The content is widely accessible through YouTube,, and audio podcast, and it's completely free to the audience.  Barracuda has been a sponsor of the TWIT network since early this year, and our CTO Fleming Shi was recently a guest on This Week in Enterprise Tech (TWiET).

Fleming joined Louis Maresca for a conversation on email security, remote connectivity, and the new threat landscape brought on by the pandemic.  They were joined by Brian Chee and Curt Franklin toward the end of the segment.

This segment covers several topics:
  • Public cloud as the core infrastructure for applications and networks
  • The evolution of email threats, from spam to the group of 13 that we know today
  • How COVID-19 has affected email attacks
  • Attacks on collaborative tools like Slack and Zoom, and how those tools are being used to attack companies
  • Why user education has to be included in email security
  • How Barracuda Sentinel identifies spear-phishing attacks
  • The role of micro-segmentation in creating secure profiles for remote access
  • The basic step companies can use to protect their email systems before they deploy their security solution
  • Why you need to deploy an AI-based solution to keep up with the most sophisticated attacks

Fleming also touched on some of the Barracuda resources that we offer to the public as free services: 

To learn more about Barracuda, visit our website at  If you'd like to connect with Fleming, visit his LinkedIn page here.



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