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Back in January, we released the summary findings of our latest independent research on cloud security, entitled “Future Shock — The Cloud Is the New Network.” As part of that, we’ve created a Cloud Insight series of webinars.

We leveraged Vanson-Bourne, a well-respected international research organization, to reach out to 750 self-identified cloud users to learn more about how security impacts their cloud decisions. Our top-level report, “Future Shock — The Cloud Is the New Network” is a summary of those findings.  

The depth of research that this study provided has enabled us to create a series of webinars, each focusing on a different aspect of cloud security, and go beyond the data points released in our findings to “dig deep” and find additional insights as they relate to these specific subjects. 

Because we looked across a global spectrum, we were also able to find insights specific to U.S. and EMEA customers (as they are different). These webinars were widely attended, and they are available to you now on-demand.

The first of these webinars, “Future Shock — The Cloud Is the New Network,” focused on how security is driving new implementations of SD-WAN leveraging the cloud. We looked at adoption criteria, security concerns, and implementation timetables among other topics.

The second webinar, “Securing Your Apps in the Borderless Cloud,” looks at how application security changes when workloads are moved to the cloud. Since organizations — especially in the climate of the pandemic — are leveraging the cloud to a greater extent than ever, we wanted to understand the types of workloads they are running in the cloud and the security challenges they are encountering.

The third webinar, “Cloud Management Strategies for Remote Workforce,” looks at the security impacts customers see as they embrace more cloud. The pace of cloud adoption has quickened, to the detriment of security, which is only now catching up. We looked at how companies are dealing with compliance when leveraging the cloud, at strategies they are using to manage multiple cloud workloads, and how security impacts these decisions. You can view the EMEA webinar here, and the North American webinar will be announced soon.

The fourth and final webinar, “How to Leverage Cloud Storage for Remote Workforce,” looks at how data security changes in the cloud. It shouldn’t be surprising that the top use for the cloud is storage, but the story doesn’t end there. With organizations running large amounts of their infrastructure in the cloud, it is natural they would also turn to the cloud to store the data they are leveraging. Security is different in the cloud, and organizations are looking at different security challenges when leveraging cloud storage. You can view the EMEA webinar here, and the North American webinar will be announced soon. 

Security remains the top concern for organizations leveraging the cloud, and Barracuda continues to work closely with our cloud platform partners to ensure we can enhance customers’ security so their cloud journeys remain safe and productive. Take a look at this webinar series to learn more about specific threats and challenges and the strategies that organizations are deploying to mitigate them. 


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