Schützen Sie Remote-Mitarbeiter und ihre Geräte mit leistungsstarker Web-Sicherheit

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As shelter-in-place orders are implemented across the world, organizations have had to quickly adapt to a new way of doing business. Many employees are using company-owned laptops to do their jobs from the safety of their own homes. While it’s currently much safer for workers to be at home, the same can’t always be said for their devices.

For remote workers who are using corporate-owned laptops, secure internet access is key. This is especially important to consider as we see a spike in malicious websites disguised as helpful COVID-19 information resources. A user who accidentally navigates to one of these sites can release destructive malware into the remote device and then into the corporate network. IT admins need to be sure that they have a web security solution in place that can prevent their remote users from accidentally downloading malicious content.

Inappropriate web browsing on corporate devices can also result in company-wide consequences. When individuals are using their devices at home, IT doesn’t have the same visibility or control over web activity that they would if everyone was in the office. Remote users can violate technology usage compliance by browsing the web with no access restrictions, resulting in lost productivity and potential legal implications. A web security solution that allows IT departments to push out corporate access policies will help keep users productive and maintain internet usage compliance.

In order to keep remote users productive and company-owned devices secure, businesses should consider a web security solution like Barracuda Content Shield Plus.

  1. Barracuda Content Shield Plus is a 100-percent SaaS web security solution that provides robust content filtering and malware protection for both on-site and remote users.
  2. Remote devices with an internet connection will download web security policies, even while located off-site. The policies are then applied locally to the device.
  3. Because Barracuda Content Shield Plus is a SaaS application, it can handle thousands of remote devices downloading policies at the same time. Web traffic is not routed to the data center or corporate office, so bandwidth and network access are not obstacles to policy assignments.
  4. Companies that have deployed workers to home offices will be able to assign and update corporate security policies to online remote devices. Barracuda Content Shield is a hardware-free solution and licensed per-user, so it’s easy to deploy and protect new users.
  5. Barracuda Content Shield includes a file-scanning agent that monitors downloads, website visits, and the remote device for malware. Barracuda Content Shield then eliminates the detected malware.

Visit our website to see how Barracuda Content Shield Plus can give you the security you need today.

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