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Business email compromise (BEC) scams have caused billions of dollars in losses over the last few years.  These attacks are effective because they are crafted specifically to trick recipients into doing something.  The attackers typically use the identity of someone who is already trusted by the intended recipient in order to scam the business into sharing sensitive data or sending money to the scammer's account.

Many BEC attacks are not detected by traditional email security technologies because of the effort put into the scam.  The attack relies on social-engineering and deception rather than a malicious link or attachment.  This means that traditional email security cannot easily detect that the message is an attack.  User training and awareness are an important defense against BEC, and technologies such as Barracuda Sentinel uses deep integrations with Office 365 APIs and context-aware AI to detect anomalies as they occur.  For example, after learning the patterns of the business, Barracuda Sentinel would find impersonation and a suspicious call-to-action in the following message:

Sentinel would identify this as a threat, divert the message to a pre-configured location, and notify recipients that they have received a targeted phishing attack.  But in the absence of such a system, how do you know for sure that there isn't one of these messages already sitting in someone's inbox, waiting to be read and processed?

The Barracuda Email Threat Scanner is a free online service that scans all your Office 365 emails and identifies these dormant threats without any impact on your system’s performance.  It takes only a couple of minutes to set up in your environment, and there are several things that it can do:

  • Find spear phishing, account takeover, business email compromise, impersonation, and other cyber fraud attacks that impersonate trusted senders and are designed to trick employees into clicking on a malicious link, sharing confidential information, or even wiring money to the attacker
  • Prevent domain fraud by identifying domains that are at risk of spoofing and other fraud
  • Identify high-risk employees who are most likely to be targeted by spear phishing and business email compromise attacks
  • Detect email threats that already exist with within your email environment



Get started with a free email threat scan here.  When you are ready to add additional layers of security to your email environment, sign up for a free trial of the Barracuda Total Email Protection bundle here.  If you're just looking for AI protection and user training, take a look at Barracuda Sentinel and Barracuda Phishline.  These two products will help protect your company from BEC attacks by detecting anomalous messages and training your users to better identify and understand these attacks.  Sentinel and Phishline will work alongside your existing system, but for the best ROI on your email security, try the Total Email Protection bundle.

Holen Sie sich hier Ihren kostenlosen E-Mail-Threat-Scan.

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