Barracuda erhält im Test „NSS Labs SD-WAN“ die Bewertung „Empfehlenswert“.

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It is no surprise for our SD-WAN customers that Barracuda received a Recommended Rating in the 2019 NSS Labs Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Group Test. In this year’s test, eight market-leading SD-WAN products were evaluated. You can and should review the details of the test yourself, but needless to say, the results for the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall are quite consistent with the feedback we keep hearing from our customers and partners.

As organizations move to public cloud and SaaS, traditional network architectures no longer satisfy their requirements for performance and cost. As a result, SD-WAN adoption is growing rapidly. But, how do you evaluate and compare SD-WAN solutions from different vendors? What should you look for in a great SD-WAN solution?

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What to look for in an SD-WAN solution

If you are evaluating SD-WAN solutions, it can be useful to review third-party reports and compare vendor results. Definitely look at average performance, but also look at the variability of performance. Like your internet connection at home, it’s not useful to have great bandwidth in the middle of the night only to have Netflix load at a snail’s pace when you are trying to watch a movie.

Estimates of total cost of ownership (TCO) can give you a good sense of value for your money, but, of course, sometimes, you get what you pay for. You may want to think twice before selecting a vendor with great TCO but poor performance.

We are proud of our SD-WAN solution. We keep getting accolades for our performance, security, and total cost of ownership, and we would love a chance to discuss with you how we can help your organization secure and optimize your network. Please contact us to start a conversation.

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