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Barracuda: A Visionary in Security Awareness and Computer Based Training

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Are you doing enough to encourage security awareness training at your organization — and make sure those lessons click? It could be time for a new approach: security awareness and computer-based training.

Barracuda was named a Visionary in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training. In its analysis, Gartner recognized Barracuda for phishing measurement, CBT content, analytics capabilities, and social-engineering simulations.

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In-depth data

In a recent blog post, Dennis Dillman, VP of Product Management for security awareness solutions at Barracuda, explained how the data from Barracuda PhishLine, a computer-based training solution for security awareness, sets the solution apart. He highlighted that PhishLine provides insights on not only what the user did, but what they did it with, such as browser information, plug-ins, and operating system, and where they were located at the time, which could uncover employees using local hotspots instead of the company VPN, for example.

“All this information — what are they doing, what are they doing it with, and where are they doing it — is essential to helping organizations build a profile for the riskier population in their company and take appropriate steps to start dealing with it,” Dennis said. “Whether that means more training, in-person training, coaching sessions, or maybe a technology investment to make sure their laptops are up to date.”

Gartner’s detailed, independent analysis of security-awareness products and services recognized Barracuda for phishing measurement, CBT content, analytics capabilities and social-engineering simulations #SACBT #GartnerMQClick To Tweet

What customers are saying

And Barracuda PhishLine customers are seeing results from the security awareness training programs they’re running.

Nicholas Davis, CISO for the University of Wisconsin System, recently explained to TechTarget how the security awareness training program that’s been rolled out across the University of Wisconsin system using Barracuda PhishLine has made a significant impact. “Employees are more confident in themselves now,” Davis said. “Overall, it helps create great peace of mind across the institution. And it's saved us a ton of time and money in terms of preventing malware incidents.”

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