Barracuda introduces Forensics and Incident Response

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No defense can detect 100% of email attacks, when malicious emails get through admins need to react. For many organizations security incident response is a slow, manual process. Addressing incidents and clean up can take hours if not days. Admins need to identify and verifying security incident; search through the server for malicious messages; evaluate malicious messages and links; remove malicious email from user’s inbox and re-set passwords. Failure to go through a thorough incident response process often results in further spread of attack.

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Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response automates incidence response and provides remediation options to address issues faster and more efficiently. Admins can send alerts to impacted users and quarantine malicious mail directly from users’ inboxes with a couple of clicks. Discovery and threat insights provided by Forensics and Incidence Response platform helps to identify anomalies in delivered email, providing more proactive ways to detect email threats.

Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response helps Wilbur Ellis to strengthen email security

Wilbur Ellis relied on their users to report any instances of email attacks that may have bypassed their email security defenses and landed in users inboxes. Most of these attacks used social engineering tactics – they included no malicious code, attachments or links – designed to evade traditional email security:

  • Social Engineering attacks looking to trick employees into fraudulent wire transfers
  • Account Takeover attempts that impersonate trusted entity, like an email provider, asking you to login and update account information
  • Fake Ransomware attempts to scare users into believing hackers have control over their passwords and data

While users reported a few of these attacks every day, Wilbur Ellis IT found it hard to act quickly in response to an incident. They had to search through tens of thousands of emails on their servers to see if any other of their 4,000 users may have received the same message. All of the affected users had to be contacted and warned to make sure not to open but remove malicious messages from their inboxes. Lack of information and tools resulted in a manual, inefficient, and time-consuming process that could have led to a further spread of attacks.

“The Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response allows us to find the emails that slip through the filters and remove them as needed.”

 Rick Cahoon, Director Enterprise Security & Support, Wilbur Ellis

After deploying Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response Wilbur Ellis Enterprise Security team was able to be proactive in detecting threats that got through filters. They used reports to analyze the origins of delivered email messages to identify and investigate anomalies. Once suspicions messages were found it was quick and easy to find everyone with their organization who received malicious email and quarantine these messages directly from user inboxes.

“Knowing who got the bad email in our enterprise is now all in the same tool and remediation is just a couple clicks.”

Rick Cahoon, Director Enterprise Security & Support, Wilbur Ellis

Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response provided Wilbur Ellis with insight into delivered email they didn’t have before, taking manual labor and guesswork out of incident response. It significantly reduced time to respond and resolve attacks, reducing exposure to malicious mail by users.

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