Jetzt neu: CloudGen WAF für Google Cloud Platform

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Barracuda is excited to announce the newest development in its public cloud story, as the CloudGen WAF (Web Application Firewall) has joined the CloudGen Firewall for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) on July 19th. Most organizations today choose their infrastructure on a per-app basis, and the adoption of GCP has been growing rapidly. By extending its legendary CloudGen WAF to GCP, Barracuda enables customers to improve the security, availability, and performance of their applications deployed on GCP.

For years, organizations of all sizes have trusted Barracuda’s CloudGen WAF on AWS and Azure. CloudGen WAF provides comprehensive Layer 7 protection, application load balancing, SSL/TLS offload, access control, and DDoS mitigation at both the network and application level. And keeping in line with Barracuda’s automation-first vision, protections can be programmatically deployed with infrastructure automation tools from Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Terraform.

Furthermore, Barracuda CloudGen WAF maintains policy and rule consistency across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. This provides the ability to deploy consistent policies across all of your cloud deployments, giving you the freedom to use the same industry-leading app security technology wherever your apps are hosted. Furthermore, this means consistent protection for your apps, consistent behavior of your apps, and ultimately consistent experiences for your end-users. Whether located in GCP or another supported cloud, you can more easily transport your applications between cloud platforms, with the confidence that your CloudGen WAFs configuration in one environment will be replicable in the next.

CloudGen WAF is available from the GCP Launcher – Google's marketplace equivalent – through a BYOL (Bring Your Own License) offering. That means that you buy the CloudGen WAF license through Barracuda, then download and deploy directly from Google Cloud Launcher. We are working on making PAYG (Pay As You Go) deployment models available soon.

You can try our solutions out on Google Cloud free of charge by taking advantage of our free trial license, which allows full access to the CloudGen WAF for 30 days, so you’ll have enough time to get fully comfortable and up to speed with the CloudGen difference – well-architected comprehensive protections for frictionless deployment.

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