PhishLine and Barracuda – a bright future!

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It seems like yesterday when we started development of the new concept of automated phishing vulnerability assessments. The goal was to be hyper-focused and responsive to customers while inventing novel techniques to simulate real-world social engineering attacks. It has been amazing to watch our first employees evolve into true industry leaders. The reward for the hard work is the growing list of happy customers who have literally taken us around the world since 2011.

What an exciting ride.

After repeatedly taking things to the next level with worldwide patents issued/pending, unrivaled customer loyalty and crazy growth, we start 2018 with a big announcement.

Today, we proudly share that the PhishLine team is joining Barracuda Networks.

You can feel the positive energy from the PhishLine team! We now have more resources to innovate and execute on our customers’ ideas. The improved brand recognition and complementary technology will help us realize the product roadmap of dreams. We are in a great position to build on our strengths.

It is great to know that all, yes all, current PhishLine employees have been invited to be part of the next level. This gives us the confidence to continue to support our loyal customers with the same personalized service for years to come.

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On a personal note, it is also thrilling to see a fast-growing Silicon Valley company invest in the technical workforce in the Midwest.

PhishLine is known to be a powerful enterprise offering. The Barracuda team knows how to refine traditionally complex products with elegant simplicity. The combined resources will create new security awareness solutions that are both powerful and easy to use. What a fantastic match!

I want to express my sincere thanks to our loyal employees and customers. THANK YOU!

As we proudly jump to the next level with Barracuda Networks, the best is yet to come as we find new ways to safeguard your people, brand, and business!

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