Barracuda announcing end-of-life for Mobile Device Manager

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This message is to let you know about some upcoming changes to our offerings.

After a review of our product portfolio, Barracuda Networks has decided to announce the End-of-Life for Mobile Device Manager (MDM), beginning February 28, 2018.

Customers with active MDM accounts will continue to receive support from Barracuda’s technical support team until February 28, 2018, though we will not update the MDM to support newer iOS and Android versions as they are released.

After February 28, 2018, Mobile Device Manager will be taken offline, and will no longer be available.

Devices can be manually unenrolled from the MDM service prior to that date, otherwise, they will be automatically unenrolled on February 28.

If you have any questions about this announcement or the MDM changes, please contact me by email:

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