Was ist DMARC?

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DMARC is an email authentication protocol designed to prevent domain spoofing.

Domain spoofing, where an attacker uses a company’s domain to impersonate someone in the company, is an increasingly widespread cybersecurity attack. In fact, over 96% of companies experience domain spoofing, yet only one-third of organizations use DMARC, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Criminals use domain spoofing either to trick employees of a company to send sensitive information or do a wire transfer, or to trick the customers or partners of a company. In some cases, attackers spoof the domain of a company in order to launch successful spam campaigns. DMARC authentication can help prevent all forms of domain spoofing.

DMARC has two components: reporting and enforcement.

DMARC provides a feedback mechanism for mail systems across the world to send reports on which email systems are sending emails on behalf of a company's domain. This feedback includes both legitimate mail systems, such as the corporate mail system, and email systems used by the Marketing, Sales, HR, or IT departments, as well as unauthorized mail systems used by attackers to spoof the company's domain. These reports can be sent to a third-party vendor to analyze them and provide visualization on email systems sending emails with the company's domain.

DMARC Enforcement
After a company has confidence that their legitimate mail systems correctly pass DMARC authentication, DMARC provides a mechanism to automatically reject emails that are not sent from the company's internal mail systems. This enforcement offers a way of preventing an attacker from spoofing the company's domain even if the email is sent to the company's employees or external recipients.

Barracuda Sentinel provides a comprehensive and intuitive solution for DMARC authentication. It includes a simple 3-step wizard to set up DMARC and provides continuous visualization and monitoring of both legitimate email systems and domain spoofing attacks. Barracuda Sentinel enables you to drill down into specific mail systems, and even into specific email samples, to get a better understanding of all the mail systems in use in your organization, as well as the origin of attacks. Barracuda Sentinel also offers a free DMARC assessment—to sign up, please visit www.barracudasentinel.com.

Asaf Cidon, VP of Content Security Services, Barracuda 
Asaf Cidon is Vice President, Content Security Services at Barracuda Networks. In this role, he is one of the leaders for Barracuda Sentinel, the company's AI solution for real-time spear phishing and cyber fraud defense. Barracuda Sentinel utilizes artificial intelligence to learn the unique communications patterns inside customer organizations to identify anomalies and guard against these personalized attacks. Asaf was previously CEO and co-founder of Sookasa, a cloud storage security startup that was acquired by Barracuda. Prior to that, he completed his PhD at Stanford, where his research focused on cloud storage reliability and performance. He also worked at Google’s web search engineering team. Asaf holds a PhD and MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, and BSc in Computer Engineering from the Technion. 


You can connect with Asaf on LinkedIn here.


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