Barracuda Introduces Active DDoS Prevention

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Today we are very excited to introduce our new Active DDoS Prevention (ADP) which is a cloud-based service that provides customers with DDoS protection and application security under a single solution. This new service ensures that our customers can stay online without having to invest in the massive infrastructure required to protect against DDoS attacks, nor the headache of needing to manage multiple vendors and disparate technologies.

Barracuda Active DDoS Prevention (ADP) addresses an enormous market need, as over one-third of outages experienced by organizations were the result of DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are also growing approximately 245 percent (pdf) year-over-year.

You may remember the largest DDoS attack in history was only last year, crippling the likes of Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, Spotify, Reddit and CNN. This attack was reportedly carried out by amateurs, as even the novice attacker can assemble bots that can be difficult to defend against. This leads to significant downtime, lost revenue, damage of critical resources, and loss of important data.

Although you may not think you are a target, the fact that DDoS attacks are rarely targeting one vector and wannabe cybercriminals look to develop experience running DDoS-as-a-service campaigns taking anyone they can offline to gain status. That being said, here’s how Barracuda Active DDoS Protection works and why it’s perfect for organizations of all sizes.

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Barracuda Active DDoS Prevention (ADP) is built from the ground up to integrate easily and completely with the Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF), providing end-to-end application security and reliable DDoS prevention. There are no additional resources required to start, and because volumetric DDoS attacks are filtered out in the Barracuda Cloud, organizations don’t have to deploy any additional equipment or upgrade their infrastructure in any way for complete DDoS protection.

Only Barracuda ADP prevents DDoS attacks from ever reaching the network while also eliminating the administrative and resource overhead of traditional solutions—all while keeping the costs manageable for organizations of all sizes, making DDoS protection accessible without having to compromise on features. Barracuda ADP can be used across all deployment surfaces; virtually, in public cloud and in on-premises environments.


From Barracuda Campus – What is Active DDoS Prevention

For further information, please click here to visit the ADP section on the Barracuda Web Application Firewall corporate site.  From Barracuda Campus – What is Active DDoS Prevention

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