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If you’re interested in the public cloud, Barracuda has a great resource for you.  Our public cloud experts have put together a newsletter that includes the latest tips, trends, and best practices on how to secure your workloads in the public cloud.  Here are some of the topics we cover: 

  • How and why the cloud has gone mainstream and what it means for you.
  • Details on how to get “Cloud Ready.”
  • Best practices on how to secure workloads and applications in the cloud.
  • In-depth information about how to optimize network security in public cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Access to public cloud webinars that you can watch on your own time.
  • And more!
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This newsletter is a great resource regardless of your background with the public cloud.  Subscribe here to keep up with the latest cloud trends, today's cyber threat landscape, as well as techniques and strategies to combat such threats.

Those of you looking forward to a public cloud migration should also take a look at the Barracuda Cloud Ready Initiative.  This program offers free 90-day licenses for select Barracuda solutions on Microsoft Azure and AWS public clouds.  This initiative is part of our commitment to helping organizations overcome the barriers to migration.  “Cloud Ready” gives you the opportunity to test your workloads, security configurations, connectivity, and more, all without disturbing your production environment.  You can get all the details here

For more on this topic, visit our public cloud blog here and our Cloud Ready blog here.


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