A close call with ransomware

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In this video we take an introductory look at the Barracuda approach to ransomware.  While most of you are familiar with ransomware already, many of you work with people who don't fully understand the threat.  You may be facing management who won't give you the resources you need to protect the company, or colleagues who are simply careless with their computing habits.  You've tried to communicate the threat level to them, but they don't fully grasp the risk.

This video was created with them in mind.  Our senior management team explains:

  • What ransomware is and why it's a threat
  • Why even the smallest business is a ransomware target
  • The best case scenario as a defense against a ransomware attack

And AJ Murray, IT Manager for Hayward Tyler, talks about his close call with ransomware. 


If you need help developing a ransomware defense strategy, take a look at our ransomware blog here and visit our corporate site here.


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