Are you Cloud Ready?

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Most IT organizations are trying to determine how their traditional on-premises infrastructure will work when they start leveraging cloud resources. Even those already leveraging cloud may have confusion over what to put where, what works best in what environment, and what may need to be kept on-premises.  Security remains a top concern.

Barracuda is a demonstrated leader in cloud security, and we are now bundling our solutions and expertise into an initiative designed to help customers become Cloud Ready.

Cloud Ready

Barracuda’s “Cloud Ready” initiative is intended to eliminate those concerns and help customers move to the cloud faster, more cost-effectively, and with greater confidence.

Through this initiative, we are offering free 90-day licenses for the Barracuda NextGen Firewall and the Barracuda Web Application Firewall in both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Licenses must be activated within 120 days from the date the license activation code is provided (“activation period”), and will automatically become void at the end of the activation period.

Why 90 days?

Even while deploying an on-premises solution, many IT managers are thinking about a cloud migration.  Our Cloud Ready program gives these managers time to explore their options.  Here are a few of the features and benefits of this program:

  • The Cloud Ready program resources are available for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services so you can choose the platform that is best for you.
  • The public cloud license gives IT managers time to put together a proof of concept deployment, that can help demonstrate the performance enhancements, scalability, and savings of the public cloud.
  • The 90 day license fits nicely into longer term plans, by providing a way for IT staff to practice extending their security into the public cloud before the planned deployment is scheduled to begin.
  • The time frame is long enough to “lift and shift” some of your on-premises applications to the cloud and test various scenarios and configurations, at no additional licensing charge.
  • This license allows you to demonstrate a cloud deployment to stakeholders in order to get buy-in for a full migration. 

Warum Barracuda?

Our NextGeneration Firewalls and Web Application Firewalls are award-winning, purpose-built cloud-ready security solutions.  We've engineered these firewalls and many other Barracuda solutions specifically for the cloud.  Barracuda public cloud solutions offer multiple layers of protection and integrated best-of-breed solutions that work together seamlessly. 



Barracuda is also the only security provider to engineer network and application security solutions specifically for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.  Wherever you go, your Barracuda security can go with you. 

Why now?

Companies of all sizes are transforming their processes, workflows, and cultures in favor of digital interaction. This gives them a competitive edge and lets them meet their customers' needs faster and more efficiently. Public cloud is a key enabler of this transformation and there's never been a better time to migrate to the public cloud.  

A public cloud deployment is easily scalable and almost always easy to keep current with software updates, compared to an on-premises deployment.  It's always on, always available, and almost always includes some level of disaster recovery that you can and should enhance with your own.  And with the constant price wars and massive investments in public cloud infrastructure and technologies, it's clearly a customer's market right now.

What next?

If you would like to learn more about how the Barracuda Cloud Ready program can help you, please visit our corporate site here or read our program overview below:


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Hatem Naguib serves as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security Business at Barracuda. He has global responsibility for Barracuda's complete portfolio of award-winning, cloud-enabled security products that span network, content and application security. He brings more than 25 years of experience in high-tech companies building innovative products in enterprise software, cloud services, data center virtualization, software defined networking, and security. Follow him on twitter @hatem_naguib.

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