WannaCry Response: Learn to Secure Your Network Against Ransomware

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In the wake of last week's massive WannaCry attack, the urgency of the ransomware threat is more apparent than ever. Everyone is a potential victim, and the costs—to businesses, to brands, and even to careers—can be enormous. 

Ransomware was already the most serious cyber threat out there. And now experts say that WannaCry marks the beginning of a new era in which attacks will be far more severe and numerous than anything we’ve seen before. 

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You can protect yourself and your organization. Register now for an important webinar where you'll learn: 

  • What makes WannaCry and other new ransomware variants especially nasty 
  • Wie Sie Ransomware und andere ausgeklügelte Angriffe erkennen und blockieren 
  • Why a strong backup strategy is the ultimate ransomware countermeasure 

At the interactive webinar, Barracuda security experts will show you why today's evasive, polymorphic threats demand an advanced approach to threat detection that spans all vectors into your network. And you’ll learn why Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection—a unique, multi-layered, cloud-based service that efficiently blocks WannaCry and other advanced, zero-day threats—is currently available at a 25% discount. 

Don’t leave your organization exposed to ransomware risks. Register now to participate in this urgently needed webinar. 

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar.

Title: WannaCry Response: Learn to Secure Your Network Against Ransomware

Dates/times: Daily – weekdays starting May 18th – May 31st at 9am PT

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