Barracuda security solutions, customer service, earn high marks in 2017 SC Awards

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SC Magazine hosted its annual SC Awards during RSA Conference in San Francisco.    Barracuda was a finalist for Best Web Application Firewall, Best Vulnerability Management Solution, and for the fifth time, Best Customer Service.  Barracuda also won the Trust Award for Best Vulnerability Management Solution, for our Vulnerability Remediation Service. 

SC Awards

SC Magazine has been covering cyber security issues since before the first commercial firewall hit the market in 1988.  The annual SC Awards honor the achievements of companies and information security professionals striving to safeguard businesses, their customers, and critical data. This year, these awards are set against a backdrop of nation-state cyber attacks, a growing criminal infrastructure, and inconsistent standards across industries and vendors, and shrinking IT budgets:

By acknowledging the efforts of IT security practitioners, rookie and long-standing product and service providers that support them and the many professional organizations that provide help along the way, we strive to play our part in fighting back the sometimes wearisome and difficult happenings the industry faces. … And, whether information security is on the brink of some wider grand acceptance and acknowledgment of need or not, we intend to continue calling out admirable work and industry advances for years to come. – Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC Media

SC Media takes the annual SC Awards program very seriously, and we're pleased to have done well again this year. Follow this link (pdf) for a complete report on the 2017 SC Awards.

Barracuda Recognition

Here's a breakdown of how Barracuda solutions and services performed this year:

Winner – Best Vulnerability Management Solution:  The Barracuda Vulnerability Manager (BVM) is a cloud-based solution that pinpoints vulnerabilities in websites and web applications.  Data from the BVM can be imported into the Barracuda WAF to secure the vulnerabilities that it finds.  As part of the product line, Barracuda launched the Vulnerability Remediation Service last month, which provides customers with on-demand or scheduled scanning and automatic remediation of web application vulnerabilities.  Visit our BVM corporate website here to learn more about the BVM and run a free vulnerability scan against your website.

Finalist – Best Web Application FirewallThe Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF) eliminates application vulnerabilities and protects web applications against application DDoS, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and other advanced attacks.  The WAF protects your applications from being defaced, disabled, or hijacked by criminals.  You can get started with a Barracuda WAF by visiting our corporate website here.  Be sure to check our Cloud Ready initiative to see if you qualify for a free 90-day license of the Barracuda WAF in Azure or AWS.

Finalist – Best Customer Service:  Barracuda was recognized again for the way we take care of our customers and support our products:

  • Thorough and up-to-date documentation through Barracuda Campus
  • 24×7 email and phone support
  • No phone trees!  Speak to a real person when you call Barracuda
  • Energize Updates deliver the latest threat defenses to your devices
  • Instant Replacement ensures that you have the hardware you need, even if something goes wrong
  • Barracuda Hardware Refresh Program makes sure you can upgrade to the latest version of an appliance for free or at a low cost
  • Barracuda security and data protection solutions are centrally managed through a single pane of glass
  • Peer support is offered through our community forums, which are moderated by product engineers
  • Our solutions are affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use

With all of these support options, our customers can be confident that we'll have their backs.

What's Next?

To get started with Barracuda solutions, visit our corporate site here.  We offer a 30-day free trial on most solutions, along with 30-day trial deployment guides on select products.  You can order online or pick up the phone and talk to someone about what would work best for you.  You can also reach out to us on Twitter or LinkedIn and we can have someone give you a call.

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