Barracuda Backup 6.3 named finalist in Storage Magazine Products of the Year

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Earlier this week we mentioned that Barracuda Backup 6.3 is a finalist in Storage Magazine's 2016 data backup hardware Products of the Year.  2016 was a big year for Barracuda Backup (BU), and now's a good time to review all of the features and value the teams added to this product.

The Barracuda Backup is a cloud-integrated unified backup solution that can protect your physical, virtual, cloud, and SaaS data.  There's no need to deploy additional vendor solutions to protect hybrid infrastructures.  Your data backup can be stored on our secure cloud or your private location, and now you can archive older backups to AWS.  Barracuda Backup can be deployed as a physical or virtual appliance, or as a cloud-to-cloud backup solution.  The physical appliance version 6.3 is in the running for the Storage Magazine award.


Here are a few of our Barracuda Backup team accomplishments in 2016:

New models

  • Barracuda Backup 790 with 12 TB usable capacity
  • Barracuda Backup 895 with 24 TB usable capacity


  • Barracuda Backup 990 increased usable storage capacity from 36TB to 48TB
  • Barracuda Backup 995 and 1090 appliances and subscription list prices have been reduced


  • Barracuda Backup Agent added multi-streaming to improve restore performance
  • New queuing system significantly increased replication performance
  • More efficiency introduced into backups

Documentation, Training, Certification, and Evaluation

There are many more resources available on our backup solutions, and many more enhancements that have been made to our virtual appliance and our cloud-to-cloud backup.  You can get detailed information on the Barracuda Backup site.

As always, we are proud of our team members working on this line of products, and we're happy to congratulate them on the Barracuda Backup 6.3 being named a finalist in Storage Magazine's 2016 data backup hardware Products of the Year.

For more information on Barracuda Backup and to request a risk-free 30-day evaluation, visit our corporate site here.

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