Office 365 and user error: There’s a better way to recover

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When an end user inadvertently purges something (i.e., has deleted it twice so it’s now in their Recoverable Items folder), chances are they will also have trouble explaining to IT just what they deleted, when they deleted it, and how it differs from other similar files that IT might also discover.  It’s a user error, they may be panicked, and they may have deleted or purged multiple items.

Since recovering deleted items is generally user error, IT may need further guidance on what the user wants restored.Click To Tweet

IT will almost always have questions.  In short, to make recovery as quick as possible, IT ideally wants that end user on the other end of a telephone while they’re recovering their information.  With Office 365’s complicated restoration procedure, that’s simply not a viable option – it may take an hour or longer for IT to perform the necessary steps, versus a purpose-designed backup and recovery solution.

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