Three things to consider when deploying a hybrid Office 365 configuration

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Migrating an on-premises Exchange environment to the cloud can be complicated, it can be time-consuming, and there are a variety of factors that prompt companies to keep some portion of their Exchange environment on-line – i.e., they deploy a hybrid configuration. Hybrid configurations are popular, especially with larger customers.

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There are some things to keep in mind, however.

First, users typically have to choose one means or another – i.e., an on-premises Exchange user can’t have archives both in the cloud and on-premises (but they can choose cloud).

Second, not all tools will work the same – Office 365 includes collaboration tools and communications which will work differently in a fully cloud versus a partially-on-premises solution.

Finally, any enhancement tools that customers choose – such as compliance archiving, email security, or backup – need to work with hybrid environments. Barracuda products do, but the same isn’t always true with other vendors.

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