Is PST Capture powerful enough for your migration needs?

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You only care about PST files if you have users that need to, or want to, access them.   Yes, Exchange 2010 introduced the Archive Mailbox and eliminated PST files, but you need to ingest PST files into that archive mailbox if users want to access them.   And getting to them from Office is nearly impossible – not only do they need to be moved off of users’ desktops, they need to be migrated to the Microsoft cloud, which can be a lengthy process.   Microsoft’s services still require a lot of IT involvement and don’t cover the many exception cases for which PST files are famous.  If you need to access PST files from Office 365, it can be much better to move them to a compatible archive.

Barracuda PST Enterprise offers complete PST management for your organization:
  • Regain control over email data stored within PST files scattered across their organization.
  • Eliminate the risks associated with PST files
  • Reduce ongoing costs and support IT requirements for Compliance and eDiscovery.

PST Enterprise will discover PST files on network servers and end user systems, and migrate this data to a secure location such as Exchange, Office 365 or Barracuda Message Archiver (BMA).  PST Enterprise for Message Archiver is an advanced feature of the BMA that gives administrators the flexibility to systematically discover PST files throughout their organization and automatically determine and assign PST ownership even if the PST is password protected.  Learn more about this feature here.

Microsoft’s PST Capture is free, and they offer a free upload service for PST files from a CD, so PST migration is covered – right?Click To Tweet

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