The Barracuda Difference: No phone trees

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In my 100+ dog years of experience as a SysAdmin / Network Engineer / tech support / whatever, there were some vendor calls that were harder than others.   It wasn't the technical stuff that made these difficult, so much as it was the way that the vendor did business.  A lot of calls went like this:

  1. Find the correct support number
  2. Navigating the auto-attendant
  3. Prove I had support coverage
  4. Prove I had permission to speak on behalf of the company
  5. Survive the phone tree challenge that is designed to eliminate callers
  6. Connect with someone who understands the product

It was exhausting and expensive.  Support hours, network downtime, and miscellaneous costs like cellphone bills can end up exceeding the replacement cost of the device you're trying to fix.  But, I'm preaching to the choir, right?  Seriously, if you hate dealing with that kind of vendor support, you should give Barracuda a try.

The first time I called Barracuda for support was when a Barracuda Web Filter was orange-lighting on me.  The client was a K12 public school and the Internet was offline, so it was important to get the device going as soon as possible.  I called support and a person answered the phone, and then transferred me to the person who helped me.   It took less than a half-hour to evaluate the problem and hook me up with some options on a replacement for the unit.   We were back online with a temporary fix and on our way to a permanent fix.  When the new unit arrived, I racked it and called Barracuda support.  They logged in remotely and configured the device.  Fast, easy, affordable, and it worked.

Barracuda takes pride in service and support, and it shows.

[email protected] Please thank Patrick D. in Ann Arbor for his great customer service today.  ~@grahamlower

We started with a single Barracuda device years ago and because of their incredible level of support along with their constant attention to user needs in development we have consistently added more of their products to our network.  ~Michael7281

Within 48 hours we had a major problem fixed, and all I had to do was take a phone call.  Awesome support.  Awesome.  ~Simon Mallindine, Guildford ACM

Barracuda's support is probably the best in the industry hands down.  I have had exposure to Watchguard, Fortinet, Juniper and Sophos support, none of them compare to the level you get with Barracuda products.  ~RobCO619

The anecdotal evidence can go on & on, but you get the idea.  Barracuda also received SC Magazine Excellence Awards for Customer Service and Support for several years, including 2016.

It isn't just about making it easier for customers to get support; it's about building relationships with our customers.  This is from our corporate profile, and it sums it up pretty well:

We answer our phones live 24x7x365, and endeavor to treat every customer call with the same high priority. Central to our culture is a focus on the long-term customer experience, including an ongoing dialogue with our customers to enhance our features and solutions.

Barracuda considers every customer to be an investment.  We rely on our customers for their feedback, referrals, ideas, and their ongoing business.  Customer relationships are built in to our core identity, and it's part of the Barracuda difference.

If you've had enough of phone trees and automated attendants and vendors who just don't care, give Barracuda a try.  We make it easy to get started with us:

  • 30-day risk free trial period on most products
  • Real-time order fulfillment
  • Affordable and easy-to-buy products
  • No per-user fees on most products

And we make it easy to stay with us:

  • Instant Replacement option
  • Data migration and recovery services
  • Hardware refresh program
  • Energize Updates deliver firmware maintenance and security updates
  • Option early release firmware program
  • Basic, enhanced, and premium support options

Head over to our corporate site and take a look at what we have to offer.  When you're ready to try one of the products, you can grab a 30-day demo through this link.

For more information on Barracuda, check out these resources:

If you'd like to connect with us on social, we're on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google +.



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