Do I really care about PST files?

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Do I really care about PST files? Didn’t Exchange stop supporting them years ago?

You only care about PST files if you have users that need to, or want to, access them.

Yes, Exchange 2010 introduced the Archive Mailbox and eliminated PST files, but you need to ingest PST files into that archive mailbox if users want to access them. And getting to them from Office is nearly impossible – not only do they need to be moved off of users’ desktops, they need to be migrated to the Microsoft cloud, which can be a lengthy process.

If you need to access PST files from Office 365, much better to move them to a compatible archive.

As a government municipality, the City of Lebanon, TN is required to store emails for up to 7 years. The Barracuda Message Archiver allows them to automate the archiving process, removes strain from their email servers, and gives them the ability to easily retrieve stored messages.

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