Digitalisierung von Cloud-Sales – von der IT bis hin zum GESCHÄFTLICHEN

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Zdravka Stoeva, CEE Territory Manager for Barracuda Networks, recently co-authored an article that appeared at PDAGroup on November 18.   The original post can be viewed at on the PDA Group website.  


The appearance of disruptive cloud solutions has evoked a paradigm shift in terms of how software is purchased and consumed. Previously, the IT department purchased infrastructure and solutions and the business was forced to use it as provided.

Today, businesses select cloud solutions according to their needs and often rent them without consulting the IT department. Such a change in buying behavior requires rethinking how software is sold and delivered.


Source: PDAgroup
To evaluate the changes that have an impact on the transition from selling on-premise to cloud solutions, Zdravka Stoeva conducted a qualitative study over the course of her master’s thesis. This article presents a summary of the views of ten professionals who have both bought and sold cloud solutions.

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