Barracuda Email Security Gateway version 7.1 available

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The Barracuda email security team is pleased to announce the availability of Barracuda Email Security Gateway (BESG) version 7.1.  You can get the full release notes and update guide here.

BESG version 7.1 includes many interface and mail processing enhancements, but a notable component of this version is the new Exchange AV Plugin supporting Exchange 2013.  This plugin allows the Barracuda Email Security Gateway to provide AV protection to internal traffic for customers using Exchange 2013 and earlier.

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway typically sits on the gateway scanning both incoming and outgoing email preventing viruses and other malicious content from entering or leaving your network.  Because the BESG does not sit in the path of internal traffic, it is not able to protect users on the same network from transmitting viruses through internal email.  With the Exchange AV Plugin it fills that gap, and allows all Microsoft Exchange internal mail to use the same virus scanning done for incoming and external email for internal email.

Internal email spam has plagued technology managers for years.  Most address it by setting rules, promoting corporate IM, and even banning internal email altogether.  The Barracuda Exchange Antivirus Agent runs on your Microsoft Exchange server and enables it to scan email for viruses. We now support Exchange 2007, 2010, and 2013.  You can get more details including configuration instructions in our TechLibrary here.

The Barracuda Exchange Antivirus Agent only scans messages with attachments, including embedded messages with attachments. It does not scan text-only attachments (such as HTML), message headers, bodies, or in-line attachments.  The Barracuda Exchange Antivirus Agent updates virus signatures hourly and scans messages between local mailboxes, and between the internet and local mailboxes.

The Barracuda Exchange Antivirus Agent 7.1 should not be confused with our Barracuda Outlook Add-In.  This add-in works with the BESG to allow users to perform three specific functions:

  • Classify messages as Spam or Not Spam directly from their MS Outlook client. This classification helps train the user’s personal Bayesian database, and results in higher accuracy for the Barracuda Email Security Gateway.
  • Encrypt messages prior to sending. The user can click a button in the MS Outlook client to encrypt  the message contents before sending it.  This allows the outgoing email to be encrypted inside the network, securing email exchanged among people in the organization.  See our documentation here  for more information on this feature.

  • Allow-listing by sender. The user can decide who should be on their allow list.  This makes it easier for the user to manage his email, and removes this task from the system administrator.

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway is an award-winning appliance available in physical, virtual, and public cloud deployments.  It includes several anti-spam initiatives, such as predictive sender profiling, Multi-Pass Optical Character Recognition Engine, and our Barracuda Real-Time Protection.  It also includes a full set of features, and there are no per-user or per-feature fees.

For more information on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, visit our corporate website here.  If you'd like to try the BESG in your own environment, you can order a risk-free 30-day evaluation unit here.  If you already have a Barracuda Email Security Gateway in your environment and you would like to upgrade to version 7.1, the instructions are here.


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