San Jose Barracuda about to kick off inaugural year

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The San Jose Barracuda will be kicking off their inaugural year soon.  Their first game is Thursday, October 1, at home in the SAP Center.  The Barracuda is an AHL team affiliated with the San Jose Sharks.

The AHL, or American Hockey League, is a development circuit for the NHL.  Every AHL team has an affiliate agreement with an NHL team, and every NHL team has an AHL or ECHL affiliation.  Sometimes, several NHL teams will share AHL affiliates.

This is the inaugural year for the San Jose Barracuda.  Although the organization was founded in 1996, they were known as the Worcester Sharks until early this year, when they signed with us as their sponsor.  They also moved from Worcester, Massachusetts in order to join the new AHL Pacific Division.  Roy Sommer has coached the team since 1998.

If you're interested in watching the San Jose Barracuda, you can get tickets now.

For more information on the San Jose Barracuda, visit their website here.  The season schedule is here.  Follow them on Twitter @sjbarracuda.

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