Introducing Barracuda Firewall version 6.7

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Our engineers been cranking out some great updates to the Barracuda Firewall.  In this post, I'd like to introduce you to the new features that are available in our most recent update, Barracuda Firewall version 6.7.

The Barracuda Firewall is a cloud-connected solution that includes next-generation features like application control and user identity functions, and many other features listed here.   Like most of our solutions, the Barracuda Firewall has an intuitive web interface and can be managed with Barracuda Cloud Control.  It's affordable, powerful, and easy to use, which makes it a great solution for SMB organizations.

With version 6.7, we have made this firewall even more powerful with these new features:

Application-Based Provider Selection

Application-based connection objects allow you to select the Internet connection based on the application. Application-based link polices can be defined for individual applications or application categories. Traffic that does not match one of these policies is sent using the default connection object.

SSL VPN Mobile Portal

The Barracuda Firewall SSL VPN mobile portal provides a user-friendly interface with a service bar where users can launch available web resources that have been made accessible by the Barracuda Firewall. Users can navigate through the resources and add shortcuts to a favorites list. The Barracuda Firewall SSL VPN mobile portal supports most commonly used devices, e.g., Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Transparent Redirect based on DNAT Rules

To redirect to more than one server in cycle (round robin) or fallback mode, you can enter multiple IP addresses or use a network object containing multiple IP addresses for DNAT access rules. It is also possible to redirect to a different port by appending the port after the IP address.

Certificate Manager

The Barracuda Firewall uses the Certificate Manager as a central repository to manage all X.509 certificates on the device. You can create self-signed certificates or upload your own certificates. All certificates are available for all Barracuda Firewall services, as long as they meet the requirements for that service.

Email Notification

The Barracuda Firewall can alert the administrator of important system events by sending notification emails. You can configure a notification email policy for each event. To limit the number of emails for frequently occurring events, you can define up to three thresholds. Thus, the administrator will receive an email only when the number of events exceeds the threshold set in the timespan.

You can get more details on these and other new features in our release notes here.

Customers who have an active Energize Updates subscription can upgrade to version 6.7 at any time.  If you would like to try a Barracuda Firewall in your environment risk-free for 30-days, visit this page.

Klaus Gheri, VP Network Security, explains why Barracuda Firewall is a great fit for SMB organizations.

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