Die ersten Schritte mit Barracuda Cloud Control

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Today I'd like to spend some time talking about Barracuda Cloud Control, the centralized management platform that allows our customers to access their Barracuda assets from one location.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Barracuda Cloud Control, or BCC,  doesn't get a lot of public attention. SysAdmins do not spend time thinking about a management interface unless it is expensive, buggy, or incomplete to the point of being counter-productive. Barracuda Cloud Control is free with every supported product, reliable, intuitive, and feature rich.

Many users think of Barracuda Cloud Control is probably best known as the location where you log in to use Appliance Control to manage almost any Barracuda product that you have. The product currently supports,

Barracuda Cloud Control also supports services such as

Which means you can manage most Barracuda infrastructures directly from a single interface.

But BCC is more than just a point of appliance or service management.  Product Manager Rich Boys explains the many capabilities of BCC in this video:

Click here to view the video

Here are some of the topics Rich covers in the video:

  • Accessing BCC and setting up an account
  • User to user communication through BCC
  • Creating and managing support cases with Barracuda
  • Accessing services in BCC
  • Using Barracuda Appliance Control (BAC) to manage your infrastructure
  • The role of the Cloud Protection Layer (CPL)
  • Using the BCC mobile interface to update appliances remotely
  • Adding additional users and managing permissions in Barracuda Cloud Control
  • Reviewing and managing your Barracuda account status
  • Configuring and using LDAP authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication

Rich will be talking more about this product over the next few weeks.  Look for some blogs on optimizing your BCC configuration, managing user permissions and partner access, understanding your Barracuda identity, and more.

If you'd like more information about Barracuda Cloud Control, visit our Tech Library here. Barracuda customers with an active subscription can sign up for a free BCC account here.  To connect with Rich Boys, you can follow him on Twitter @richboys.

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