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We've been sharing the message of Elevation for the past few months, with our Elevation 2015 cross-country bus tour.  This ‘CudaTour' is our way of showing appreciation to our customers and partners, and giving them the opportunity for one-on-one dialogue with our team.  Each year, the CudaTour makes a stop at our annual Barracuda Sales Kickoff celebration, which is now underway in Miami.

We're excited to see Elevation in action this year.  “Elevation” as a metaphor is about gaining perspective and developing a vision through experience, and sharing this experience with others.  We're committed to applying this philosophy to every aspect of our business:

Elevate our channel:  With our massive new investment in building the Barracuda Partner Program, we're delivering more value to our customers and more opportunities for success to reseller partners of all sizes.

Elevate our technology partners:  Our innovative work with technology partners has brought Barracuda solutions to all major public cloud platforms, as well as integrations with VMware, Office365, IBM solutions, and more.

Elevate our customers:  Through our Total Threat Protection and Data Protection Plus initiatives, Barracuda offers customers a more elegant, more affordable, and more powerful paradigm for resource protection.

Elevate our employees:  It's not just about the growth opportunities and the comprehensive benefits.  It's about the community, the fun, and the good work that we do together.

Understand where we're going. Embrace the opportunity. Make change. – BJ Jenkins

Michael Hughes on stage, getting everyone pumped up on elevating business for partners

We approach solutions from the customer perspective. Different customers have different needs.  –Wieland Alge

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