What can Total Threat Protection do for you?

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Steve Pao, GM Security Business, takes us through this whiteboard on Total Threat Protection.  Watch the video to learn:

  • Risks of threats and breaches to businesses and brands
  • How these attacks are an equalizer between large enterprises and SMEs
  • What is Barracuda Total Threat Protection (TTP)?
  • What problem does TTP aim to solve?
  • How Barracuda solutions provide Total Threat Protection
  • Why scale, migration, and hybrid deployments, are easy with Barracuda TTP
  • How you can jumpstart your Total Threat Protection with the Barracuda Security Suite
  • How Barracuda Cloud Control makes it easy to manage your TTP deployment

Barracuda Total Threat Protection is designed to help security professionals address the dangerous threat landscape while working smarter and more efficiently.
  • Provides customers with an easy, cost-effective way to secure multiple threat vectors
  • Combines award-winning, scalable solutions that share common management interfaces
  • Provides centralized administration for all solutions
  • Reduces the operational burden on IT through streamlined configuration, management and monitoring.

For more information on our Total Threat Protection initiative, visit the Barracuda Total Threat Protection corporate site.  We offer risk-free, 30-day demos on all of our Barracuda Total Threat Protection solutions.

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