BNP Paribas Open – die Tipps des Tages

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We're a contributing sponsor of the BNP Paribas Open (#bnppo15) and we've been celebrating on social with videos, giveaways, and our various tips of the day.  Since we want our followers to get the most out of our tips, here they are in one handy place:

3/9/15:  Cybersecurity:  Control physical access to computers and network components.  Don’t let unauthorized individuals access business computers; and keep laptops in a secure area when they are not in use.

3/10/15:  Disaster Recovery:  Build a disaster recovery plan for your business and employees.  Start with the basics and add to the plan over time. What is important to keep the business running?  How quickly does the company need to be up and running after the disaster?  Who declares the disaster?  How are employees informed of the disaster?  And so on.

3/11/15:  Cybersecurity:  Download and install software updates when they are available.  These updates often address vulnerabilities, and once installed will make your network less susceptible to a breach.

3/13/15:  Cybersecurity:  Perform data restoration tests, also known as ‘fire drills.'  Monthly tests can help a company ensure that the backup system is working as expected, and data can be restored within acceptable timeframes.

3/14/15:  Cybersecurity:  Secure Wi-Fi networks.  Set up limited access for guest users.  Change the default password account, and require passwords for all users.

3/15/15:  Disaster Recovery:  Backup laptops and desktops.  Policies may require employees to store data on the network, but not all employees are doing that.  Some will keep the data locally, assuming that it's the only way to make sure they have “their” data.  Some want to make sure they are the only ones to access the data, and others want to make sure it's available while they are off the network.  Many simply don't know where the data goes once they save it.  Backing up these workstations is a good practice, even when policies suggest that it is not needed.

3/16/15:  Cybersecurity:  Educate employees about safe social media practices.  Employees should be taught how to post online in a way that does not reveal any trade secrets to the public or competing businesses.  It may also be wise to invest in something like a Barracuda Web Filter, which can allow access to company pages, while restricting access to Facebook games.  This can help prevent malicious downloads from social media sites.

3/17/15:  Cybersecurity:  Manage and assess risk.  Evaluate what needs to be protected.  Cyber-criminals often use lesser-protected small businesses as a bridge to attack larger firms with which they have a relationship.  Retail giant Target was breached through its relationship with an HVAC vendor.

3/19/15:  Cybersecurity:  Focus on the threat vector, not the individual threat.  Threats change every day, sometimes multiple times in a day.  Focus on the vector .. The way that the threat is entering the network.  We have a lot more on this in this post, including a chart listing the various threat vectors and the Barracuda solutions that protect them.

3/20/15:  Productivity:  Automate as much as possible.  Mail, scheduling, and billing, are just a few of the things that can be automated.  Take a look at this blog post on how to automate 5 of the most tedious workflows.

3/21/15:  Disaster Recovery:  Create redundancy and availability with cloud archiving.

Establishing redundancy for all critical data and providing an alternate way to access that data are essential to disaster recovery.   Services like Barracuda LiveBoot for Vmware can bring disaster recovery down to minutes rather than days.

3/22/15:  Cybersecurity:  Regularly change passwords, and enforce complex passwords.  This is simple.  Changing passwords regularly limits the use of a password.  If that password has fallen into the hands of an attacker, it's important to make sure there's a time limit on it.

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