Have you achieved Total Threat Protection? 

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You may have heard us mention Total Threat Protection a few times.  This is our approach to helping customers make sure that all threat vectors are secure.    Barracuda offers a range of security solutions to protect the many threat vectors created by modern connectivity.  Here's a quick rundown on how Barracuda solutions secure these threat vectors:

Threat Vector Barracuda solution
Web Browsing
Mobile Internet
Network Perimeters, including public and private clouds

Total Threat Protection includes the combination of these industry-leading solutions, thoughtfully integrated into a common management interface.  This integration provides a single point of support and affordability to secure all of these threat vectors.  Today we are announcing our Total Threat Protection initiative, designed to provide powerful yet simple information security for resource constrained organizations.

There are a number of reasons why this initiative is important for our customers and the public.  Organizations are negatively impacted when threat vectors are left unprotected.  Everyone knows this, yet many companies have not been able to achieve full security.  Why not?

Limited IT budgets:  Malicious attacks do not distinguish between small and large companies.  The small and midsize organizations have to fend off the same threats as the large, but often with far less resources.  Many companies secure their network perimeters and email service, but have to choose between other types of security.  “Do I spend my remaining security dollars on securing mobile devices, or on securing remote access?”

Barracuda doesn't want our customers to have to ask those questions.   That's why we make our solutions affordable and easy to buy:

  • Our 30-day risk-free trials allow customers to try before they buy, so they can make sure they have the right solution, the first time.
  • Simple licensing, with no per-user or per-feature fees on most products makes it easy and affordable to scale up as the organization scales.
  • Barracuda Energize Updates and Instant Replacement options allow organizations an economical way to add extra protection to their security solutions.
  • Barracuda Central, Barracuda Networks' advanced 24×7 operations center, manages data centers for all service-based offerings and works to continuously monitor and block the latest Internet threats and protect your networks.
  • Rapid deployment makes it super easy to get our solutions up and running.  Most are in production within just a few minutes.

Limited IT staff:  The limited IT budget isn't restricted to purchasing; staffing has also been affected by budget restraints.  System administrators find themselves doing more with less.  They're responsible for managing file storage, printers, messaging / email, applications, databases, and sometimes they're dealing with phone system and desktop support too.  They simply don't have the bandwidth to proactively manage all of the threat vectors, all of the time.

This problem is made worse by the fact that there is a worldwide shortage in security skillsets.  In fact, A recent study by Enterprise Strategy Group found that 25 percent of firms surveyed reported security as the number one gap to fill, emphasizing the importance of easy-to-deploy security solutions.  Barracuda solutions keep IT simple to help deal with these staffing shortages.

  • #Nophonetrees.  Our award-winning 24×7 customer service is staffed by real human-beings who are well-trained in the solutions that they support.  You'll never be stuck in a phone tree if you call us for help.
  • Management simplicity helps minimize learning time.  Solutions such as Barracuda Cloud Control, Barracuda Appliance Control, Barracuda NG Control Center, and commonly designed interfaces, make it simple for System Administrators to move from one purpose-built appliance to the next.
  • Flexible deployment methods make it easy for companies to migrate to a private or public cloud, and to create hybrid infrastructures.  No special deployment teams or expertise is needed:  if you can deploy and manage a local appliance, you can do the same with a virtual machine or cloud appliance.

Barracuda's Total Threat Protection initiative addresses all of these factors, to help our customers secure all of their threat vectors.  We'll have more on this in our upcoming blog posts and press releases.

To learn more about the Barracuda Total Threat Protection initiative, read our press release here or  visit this page on our corporate site.

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