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It's no secret that women are underrepresented in the field of technology.  That's true even here at Barracuda, where we do our best to include and encourage women and minorities to join our staff.  It's the nature of the industry right now; even universities see a disparity between men and women in the field of engineering.  From a recent mLive article:

Today, fewer than one of every three first-year students enrolled at the University of Michigan's College of Engineering is female. Only one of four graduates from the COE is a woman, and that number drops to about one out of every five when it comes to those enrolled in master's and doctoral programs.

There are a number of organizations working to encourage women to pursue careers in technology.  One that is close to our hearts here at Barracuda is Girl Develop It.

Girl Develop It is an international organization that works to provide affordable and accessible programs to women who want to learn software development.  The organization facilitates learning opportunities through mentorship and hands-on instruction.

Priya Rajagopal, a Principal Software Engineer with Barracuda, speaks at GDI in Ann Arbor
In the United States, Girl Develop It currently has about 30 chapters in metropolitan areas like Ann Arbor, Boston, San Francisco and Detroit.  You can see the current list of chapters here.  Classes include instruction on web concepts, Ruby on Rails, WordPress themes, and career skills such as salary negotiation.

If you'd like to learn more about Girl Develop It, you can get more information here at the GDI site.  You can get information about classes, events, and chapters.

Barracuda is not affiliated with Girl Develop It
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