New in Firmware 7.9: Interactive, Canned Reports with Geo-awareness

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The Barracuda Web Application Firewall always had a flexible reporting module that allowed you to create custom reports by filtering on the data that you want. However, it did not have a lot of canned reporting as well as the ability to drill down on the generated reports. That has been addressed in the 7.9 release, which is now available to all of our customers with an active Energize Updates subscription.

Powerful graphical reporting provides immediate insight into compliance, threat activity, web traffic and regulatory compliance. 7.9 adds than 50 different pre-defined reports, which can be easily customized further, using numerous filter for attack types, traffic, time range, and more.

For example, you could schedule a report that provides you a breakdown of the attacks hitting your web sites by geography. With a couple of clicks, you can apply additional filters to the reports, like attack type, time range, etc. Together, these provide a rich set of reports out-of-the-box, that you can view instantly or schedule for periodic delivery.

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Generated reports are interactive, with drill-down capability. Reports span PCI compliance, security, audit, web traffic and geo-location analytics. As always, they can be generated on-demand, or scheduled for periodic delivery to multiple recipients over email of FTP.

To check out the new reporting module, you can navigate to and navigate to the BASIC > Reports page. Below is a sample report for the “Top Attacked Domains” –

Click here for a larger image
The report above shows two domains being attacked. The one on the left has been attacked close to a 1000 times in the specified time frame. If you hover you mouse over the bar, it will indicate the exact number of attacks. Further, you can click the bar – this will bring up the drill down report shown below:

Click here for a larger image
The report above has drilled down into all the attack categories on the domain that we clicked.

As another example, the report below shows the “Top Countries by Attacks”. Again, you can drill down into the details for each country by clicking on its bar.

Click here for a larger image
Additional reports and multiple drill down are around the corner. Stay Tuned!

Note that the Firewall Logs are also tagged with geo-information. This gives you an immediate visual sense of where your attacks are originating from:

Click here for a larger image

As always, if you have any other feedback, do let us know. You can request enhancements on the community portal at:

For more information on the Barracuda Web Application Firewall, visit the product page here.  To get a risk-free 30-day trial of a physical appliance or virtual edition of the Barracuda WAF, visit this page.

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