Reasons to Archive – The Future of Archiving

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Beyond Archiving … A look ahead

In our series of blogs on ‘reasons to archive’ we have looked at the evolution of archiving and discussed the four key business drivers of capacity management, compliance, discovery and PST management.  In this final blog we contemplate the future of archiving and how these solutions may evolve even further …

Email is now the main means of communication both internally and externally, and the information within it has become a valuable asset key to the operation of most businesses.  It is therefore essential to manage this data effectively across the entire organization.

Managing the email life cycle

We have seen how email archiving solutions have evolved from their initial role of Capacity Management to delivering broader Information Management capabilities such as Compliance, Discovery and PST Management.

These Information Management solutions are now able to manage the complete end-to-end email life cycle.

email lifecycle

Expanding the scope 

Over the next few years we’ll see instant messaging and social media continue to increase in importance.  They will need to be managed in the same way that email is managed today, archiving and information management solutions will evolve to include these other formats.


Realizing the value 

Searching the wealth of information contained within stored email has proved difficult until recently as email represents one of the largest unstructured data sources within an organization.  Highly sophisticated search and analysis techniques are now becoming more readily available, and we can expect to see these included as standard in archiving and other information management solutions.

The future of archivingWe are already starting to see business users being able to work directly with information management systems to determine and implement data retention policies, or to search and retrieve the information they need for legal cases.

Efficiency is still important

The pressure on IT departments to control costs and maximize efficiency will no doubt continue.  Enabling end users and other business stakeholders such as HR, Compliance and Legal teams to take on tasks that up to now have traditionally been the responsibility of IT, is driving the development of new role-based functionality targeted specifically at end users.

The evolution continues…

The simple email archiving applications first seen many years ago have evolved since then into highly complex Information Management solutions which are key to the successful operation of organizations both large and small.

Information Management solutions are continuing to evolve in response to ever changing business and technical environments, and are well positioned to provide ongoing value to organizations as they face the challenges of the future.


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