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If you're familiar with Barracuda, you've probably heard us talk about Cloud Evolved.  This is our philosophy and our approach to leveraging the cloud to solve problems.    Cloud Evolved is our theme for VMworld 2014 and if you are here, you can stop by booth #2011 to learn more about how we have put the cloud to work for you.

If you can't make it to VMworld, here's a rundown on what Cloud Evolved means to us:

Instant RecoveryBarracuda Backup with Local LiveBoot and Cloud LiveBoot for VMware to recover virtual machines in minutes.

Scalable StorageBarracuda Message Archiver has the ability to move data into the cloud for off-site, long term, cost effective storage.

Advanced Network SecurityBarracuda NG Firewall offers scalable security for networks that depend on fast, secure, uninterrupted, cloud connectivity.

Secure Application DeploymentBarracuda Web Application Firewall secures your cloud hosted applications.

Barracuda also leverages the cloud to increase the processing power and throughput on our customers' networks.  For example:

Pre-filtering:  Products like the Barracuda Spam Firewall and Barracuda Web Filter are built with multiple layers of cloud and local security.  Before traffic arrives at a customer's network, the Barracuda Cloud evaluates the data for any known threats.     This helps protect customer networks from bandwidth wasted on spam and other bad traffic.

CPU Intensive Processing:  The Barracuda Firewall uses cloud-based filtering and reporting to protect customer networks from traffic surges and unnecessary resource utilization.  The Barracuda Cloud Protection Layer helps companies get the most out of their devices and offers scalability beyond what a single security device can offer.

Productivity:   Many of our products can be managed through Barracuda Cloud Control (BCC), a web-based management portal that enables organizations to centrally manage all their devices through a “single pane of glass” interface.   BCC offers access to community forums and Barracuda's award-winning tech support.  No need to rummage around for multiple logins, serial numbers, or phone numbers; BCC manages all of that.

The Cloud Evolved philosophy is reflected in all of our products.  For more insight on how we leverage the cloud to help solve customer problems, take a look at this blog post.

For more information on how our Cloud Evolved approach can help you, stop by booth #2011 and talk to one of our Subject Matter Experts.  If you can't make it, contact us and we'll get you in touch with someone.  You can also grab a no-risk 30-day trial of our products here.

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