18 ways that golf and email are alike, part 4

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This is the last post in our four-part series.

Let’s finish up with the second part of the back 9.

Back 9, part two

#15 The Pro Shop

The fine folks in the pro-shop are always happy to accessorize you with new gloves, balls, towels, shoes, clubs, etc…things you may have forgotten or don’t really need but got caught up in the moment and wanted a $75 wind jacket with the course name and logo on it.  The Barracuda Pro-Shop is slightly different.  While we do have some great t-shirts and other swag, when buying the Barracuda Message Archiver we won’t nickel and dime you to death with per user fees, per server fees, per application fees, and so forth.

#16 There’s An App For That

The smart phone has quickly become the caddy in your pocket.  Helping you track all those important metrics, giving you access to course tips, tricks and reviews.  I bet you’ve even checked your email while on the course.  But have you ever needed an older email that you couldn’t access that interrupted your game?  Probably made you pretty darn cranky.  One of the cool features of the Barracuda Message Archiver is our mobile application.  With full-featured, indexed access via iPhone, iPad, or Android devices to any email ever sent to or from a user, the Barracuda Message Archiver enables greater productivity by supplying better functionality and performance than many native mobile email applications. Users have fast access to all their messages, even deleted ones, to streamline their ability to perform.

#17  Like Old Shoes…Email Starts to Smell

You know that distinct smell every course locker room has?  It’s not that hard on the nose but it’s there and is no bed of roses.  That’s the smell of old shoes…shoes that have sat around, not cleaned, yet have hundreds of miles of walking courses in hot weather.  Your email goes through a similar degradation in value and after a while can begin to smell.  We all know that the information stored in the email system is considered a company asset and should be protected for as long as it is valuable.  However, at some point that asset becomes a liability.  Is it beyond the retention policy defined by legal?  Does it contain information that needs to be kept for longer periods of time?  Keeping only what’s needed and disposing of the rest in a defined retention policy will help your email keep from smelling like old golf shoes.  The Barracuda Message Archiver offers customizable email retention rules and allows organizations to define retention and expiry policies to keep email only as long as it’s useful.  If you need to designate an auditor(s) to apply litigation holds on specific information, retention policies can be augmented. Litigation holds preserve the data from being tampered with until the litigation hold expires or is removed.

#18  The Golf Clap

Once you’ve put in your Barracuda Message Archiver you can give yourself the respected golf clap.  What’s a golf clap you say?  The golf clap is a round of deliberately quiet applause, considered appropriate during a golf tournament so not to disturb other golfers still playing.  The Barracuda Message Archiver is very much like an appreciated golf clap in that once it’s installed and running it’s as quiet as a golf clap.  It is designed to run transparently in the background doing its job.  End users continue using familiar native interfaces and access the archive via Outlook Add-in, PC, Mac, or mobile device enhancing their productivity with self-service access and recovery of any message ever sent or received, even if deleted on the email server.

Want to learn more about the Barracuda Message Archiver?  Here’s the product page.  If you’d like more information on the Barracuda Championship, there’s a blog post here and a press release here.


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