18 ways that golf and email are alike, part 3

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18 ways that golf and email are alike, part 3

This is the third post in our four-part series.

Let’s get into the back 9 this time.

Back 9

#10 Media Coverage: For one it’s welcome and looked forward to…the other, not so much!

Every weekend the networks dedicate most of their daytime schedule to golf tournaments, analysis and overall coverage.  Newspapers dedicate entire sections to the game tracking who played, who won, how many points they got and what their overall standings are on the tour.  It’s an executives dream…if they’re not playing golf, they’re watching it on TV.  As exciting as it is to be on TV, as with most things, there’s a time and a place for everything.  While golfers and celebrities in general love to see themselves on TV…the typical CEO watching and playing golf does not. The difference between golf and email is a lost golf ball just costs you a stroke.  A lost email however, can get an executive far more TV and media coverage than they are comfortable with.  Just ask folks like George W. Bush, IRS Chief Louis Lerner, former Enron execs Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, or even Sarah Palin.  All of them ended up on the front page for missing emails.  Wouldn’t have been a problem if they had just archived their messages in the first place.  The Barracuda Message Archiver has comprehensive indexing, permissioning, search, legal hold, audit, and export capabilities that help accelerate and simplify eDiscovery requests. The appliance is purpose-built to support compliance with laws and regulations that require message archiving and retrieval to ensure every message is captured every time.

#11 The Handicap

Just as every course and hole are different so are every golfer.  Let’s face it, very few of us will ever come even close to being as good as Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, or Jack Nicklaus.   To compensate for that the golf elders of history created the handicap…a sophisticated mathematical formula that tracks swings, holes, played, courses, etc so that you can attempt to show your peers how much better you are than they are.  The Barracuda Message Archiver does all the heavy lifting to make sure your messages are archived and safe. Ultimately, the Barracuda Message Archiver lets you play more golf, and that's certainly something we could all get used to doing!

#12 FORE!!

According to Wikipedia “Fore!” was originally a Scots interjection, is used to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball.  Barracuda Message Archiver can be configured to give you a “heads up” when something may be going wrong.  This applies to not only the health and welfare of the appliance itself but can also be used to proactively search the context and relevance of the emails coming through the email system.  Are employees using foul language?  Are they sharing personal information like social security numbers or credit card numbers?  Are they using the email system for personal email?  The Barracuda Message Archiver will send out notifications automatically whenever a message meeting specified criteria is detected. Alerts can be generated for the Built-In Policies or those that you define.

#13 Swing Clinic and Demo Days

Most courses these days will offer swing clinics run by the course pro to sharpen your swing and thereby making your game that much better.  Think of Barracuda University as your Message Archiving swing clinic.  Barracuda University is your one-stop shop for instruction on Barracuda products.  From sales training to hands-on configuration – if you want to know more about any product, this is the place to learn.  You can register for self-paced training, live webinars, and classroom training around the world at bu.barracuda.com.  Most pro-shops have a demo day throughout the year where you can play a round or two with some new clubs to test out the feel and give you an opportunity to see what life is like on the other side.  Barracuda offers a risk free, no obligation, 30-Day evaluation.  Fill out the form and we will send you a fully operational Message Archiver appliance for you to try out for 30 days.  During that time you will have full access to our award-winning tech support team to answer any questions you may have.  With a couple clicks you're just a few steps away from trying a Barracuda Message Archiver in your own IT environment. We've streamlined the process to make it quick and easy. Once received, we will contact you to verify the information provided.

#14 Golf Games…The great demoralizer

When not on the course I frequently turn to Electronic Art’s Tiger Woods games to practice my swing and overall boost my confidence that I really can drive a ball 350 yards off the tee…well not really.  I’ve found many times the skills inherited in the game don’t carry into the field and often demoralizes my resolve in thinking I am better than I really am.  In the game the better you do the more “skills” you can buy in the pro-shop.  Adding to strength, swing, equipment, even the clothes the character wears in the game…basically allowing you to update the character to be the best he/she can be.  The Barracuda Message Archiver is constantly adding new features, enhancing functionality, improving performance, etc.  While you don’t need to earn pro-shop credits while archiving Barracuda does offer Energize Updates.  Energize Updates gives you access to all releases for the product as soon as they are available.  Simply download them and update the appliance and voila! you have all the newest features and functionally to up your archiving game.

Want to learn more about the Barracuda Message Archiver?  Here’s the product page.  If you’d like more information on the Barracuda Championship, there’s a blog post here and a press release here.

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