Barracuda Backup Continues to Gain Industry Recognition with Recent Inclusion in Backup Magic Quadrant

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It seems like every week we’re talking about Barracuda Backup gaining recognition in the storage industry – but this time it feels a little different. That’s because the recognition comes from Gartner, which is a big deal for us because this marks the first time that Barracuda Backup was included in Garnter’s MQ for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances. This means that Barracuda is becoming even more of a significant player in the backup space and our approach to backup is continuing to solve problems for customers.

In the report, Gartner recognizes Barracuda Backup for the following strengths:

  • Barracuda offers an affordable, all-in-one hybrid cloud backup solution, which is easy to set up and manage, and offers short RPOs and RTOs.
  • LiveBoot and integration with Copy file sync and share services stand out among large competitors.
  • Barracuda is a public company and has healthy, sizeable revenue growth.

From this list, LiveBoot stands out as one feature that people continue to take notice of – it allows customers the ability to store VMware images on remote hardware or in the cloud and boot or run those images for quick disaster recovery. This is actually the second time this week that Barracuda Backup has been praised for its LiveBoot feature – the other being in this detailed breakdown of the product by You can read more on that here:

Copy was also noted by Gartner as a “stand out” feature, which is a luxury to have in our back pocket having built our own secure file sync & share platform. Barracuda Backup’s Integration with Copy enables the restoration of files and folders from a backup to folders on Copy. This allows administrators to securely and quickly post important recovered data for access by remote users.

While LiveBoot and Copy are differentiators for us, Barracuda Backup has some other really convenient features that our customers are taking advantage of as well. Features like unlimited cloud storage, offsite vaulting and centralized management all help provide customers with everything they need for backup and recovery in one easy-to-use solution. Feel free to swing by our product features page to learn more about what Barracuda Backup has to offer:


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