Introducing Barracuda Support Technician Robert Stevens

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Blogger’s note:  Here’s the latest in our series of profiles on our award-winning #nophonetrees support team; hope you enjoy it!

When did you get started with Barracuda and how did you come to work here?  What’s your educational & work background?

I noticed Barracuda because they were doing amazing things with spam filtering and email security.  I felt like Barracuda was a company that was going places.  I started with Barracuda back in April of 2012 and the rest as they say, is history! 

I received my Associate's in Computer Networking at Washtenaw Community College, and I am currently working toward a Bachelor's degree in Data / Information Assurance.  I might change degrees sometime in the future; it just depends on how things go!

What’s your role with Barracuda?

I started as Tier 1 Support Technician and moved up rather quickly up the ranks to Tier 3.   I started with email security, then moved into supporting the Barracuda SSL VPN.  Eventually I learned the CudaTel systems and that's what I work with most of the time. 

A typical day is spent answering phone calls from customers who need assistance with their phone systems.  I love phones!  The best part of my job is probably looking at a packet capture of a troublesome telephone call or writing a long complicated regular expression.  (No joke!! J )

[Blogger's note:  that's adorkable]

What kind of things do you like to do outside of work?  

I enjoy target shooting, and I've recently started to get into skeet shooting.  I also enjoy bowling and watching hockey (Go RED WINGS!).  I even collect vintage telephones as a hobby (and I am proud of that..!).  My family is incredibly close to me and they all think I am a complete nerd.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to go into IT?  What field would you recommend?

I would say that you should love to read, as understanding things in IT requires extreme persistence in reading technical documentation.  Especially those RFCs! (Gotta love those RFCs, my favorite is IP over Burrito Carriers….)   IP telephony is my area of choice, but I would also recommend getting into network security in general.

IP over Burrito Carriers is an experiment in edible data packets, by the way.  The header includes lettuce, onion, and other common-sense components.  It’s all spelled out very plainly right here.

If you'd like to work with Robert and the rest of our #nophonetrees specialists, head on over to our careers page and have a look.  We're hiring.

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