Webinar on PST Migration

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PST migrationLast week I co-presented a webinar organised by, and was very pleased to be joined by Steve Goodman. Steve is a highly regarded Exchange professional and MVP with over 16 years of Microsoft knowledge and experience, so it was great to hear his views.

The topic for the webinar was ‘PST Files – The Hidden Threat to Your Next Project’ and we had over 300 registrants, indicating quite clearly the level of current interest in the topic.  This is echoed by the interest I’ve seen recently when talking on similar topics at in-person events across the UK.  Did you miss the webinar on PST migration

Don't leave PSTs behind when migrating data…

Steve started the webinar by giving some useful insights into the improvements Microsoft have delivered in the latest versions of Exchange 2013 and Exchange Online (Office 365).  He talked in particular about the significant enhancements to resilience and scaleabilty which make it feasible to have mailboxes of 100GB and above in Exchange Online if needed, and of course these same enhancements carry through to the on-premises version of Exchange.

He then moved on to mention the growing need to support compliance and eDiscovery for email.  Data in PST files is often subject to the same preservation and retention rules as data in Exchange, so organizations should consider bringing data from all their PST files back in to Exchange or Office 365 platform, particularly now these Microsoft platforms are quite capable of managing large volumes of data effectively. Did you miss the webinar on PST migration

What tools are available to migrate PSTs?

For the the second part of the webinar we moved on to talk about the tools available for discovering and migrating PST data back into Exchange.  Steve discussed the limitations of Microsoft’s free ‘PST Capture’ tool and suggested that sometimes a third-party solution such as C2C’s PST Enterprise can really help. This was a great lead into my section where I presented some guidelines on how to plan and scope your PST migration project, drawing on our experience in this area with customers both large and small, before concluding with a short overview of our PST Enterprise product itself.

We wrapped up with a useful question and answer session, and it was clear from the questions asked by the audience that many people are now seriously considering addressing the issues caused by legacy PST files across their organization, and are actively evaluating the best approach to this. Did you miss the webinar on PST migration

Watch the webinar now

You can view the whole webinar on here – I hope you find it useful.   Steve Goodman, MSExchange MVP    Peter Mullens, Product Marketing Manager, C2C


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