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Hey Cuda pals, since many of you are developers, software engineers, admins, and what we’d consider a tech savvy bunch, our team thought you’d like to learn more about the Barracuda blog and what it can offer you. We’ve got a wide variety of content here on the corporate blog — and we strive to create content that is easily digestible for all readers who have an interest in network security and storage solutions.


Some of our recent popular posts include:

How are you handling application control? – Why is it so important? We cover the 5 W’s of application control in this post.

Benefits of a reverse proxy WAF – Brush up on application layer security and performance benefits obtained from a reverse proxy architecture.

Perfect forward secrecy (PFS) support now available – Using PFS to stop the future decryption of data that is captured today.

Browsing our content selection is a cinch. Head over to the right side of this page and pick a category for the latest articles relevant to you. Have blog post suggestions? Let us know by reaching out to us on one of our social channels!


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