Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School Chooses Barracuda, Spam No More!

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Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School is a small private college located in Highland Park, Rochester, NY. The school consists of roughly 150 students and faculty members. Todd Overfield is the Director of Technology Services that supports the school’s growing IT infrastructure.


Colgate Struggles with Symantec & Spam

Colgate was having a difficult time dealing with the growing amount of spam that was flooding student and faculty inboxes. After an unsuccessful experience with Symantec Mail Security deployed on his Microsoft Exchange server, Overfield knew that it was time to choose a vendor with a strong history of providing award-winning protection from spam and viruses. “The Symantec product we were using was awful. Not only was it was expensive to deploy, but it was extremely difficult to manage and configure. The user interface wasn’t intuitive or friendly for an organization with a limited IT staff,” said Overfield. Because Symantec Mail Security resided on his Exchange server and was so inefficient, it was utilizing the majority of the server resources to simply filter inbound spam content, often leaving the mail server unable to complete its primary task of delivering and receiving emails. Overfield added, “Symantec’s email security solution actually slowed down our Exchange infrastructure. It’s ironic because you expect a spam filter to improve the efficacy of your mail server, and Symantec managed to do the complete opposite.”

Colgate Goes to Barracuda, Spam No More!

After spending countless hours on the phone with Symantec support, Overfield finally decided to look for a new email security solution. The Barracuda Spam Firewall 300 was able to provide him with a set of granular email management policies without causing any latency to his email traffic flow. With a dedicated, best-in-class solution that doesn’t require sharing resources with his Exchange server, the Barracuda Spam Firewall now ensures that his users are no longer subjected to an overwhelming amount of spam content. “My Exchange infrastructure went from being the most over-utilized server to the server with the least load overnight, with this one device. I’ve dealt with many different vendors and many different products, and they all promise to be the magic bullet that solves all your problems. So far, the Barracuda Spam Firewall is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to magic bullet.”


Overfield particularly enjoys how easy it is to manage the Spam Firewall and attributes it to the intuitive nature of the management interface and the overall reliability of the product. “I spent a few minutes doing the initial deployment and I’m happy to say that I’ve rarely touched it since, which is really a credit to the efficiency of the device. Every now and then, I might go in to check the Message Log, but it’s never been more than that. I love the fact that the product just works. My life would be much easier if the other components of my network worked as well as my Barracuda products did.”


When asked about his support experience with Barracuda’s award-winning customer service, Overfield couldn’t have been happier. “It’s amazing how fast Barracuda is at responding to customer requests. I also own the Barracuda Backup Server 390, and the few times I’ve needed to call support, I’ve never waited for more than a few minutes to get the answer I was looking for. They’re always on top of things, they truly are a world-class organization that cares about the experience of their customers.”


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