Meet Marc Wolfe, VP of Marketing

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Change the way you look at an IT crowd with a peek behind the Barracuda scenes. Check out who’s really running the show here and see what we do while our status is set to “Away From Keyboard”. Have you been aching to know more about the adventurous Barracuda crowd? I’ve got answers.

Marc Wolfe | VP of Marketing

Marc serves as VP of Marketing for Barracuda. Joining the team in 2006, he has been responsible for global marketing strategy, corporate branding, media development/acquisition, and channel programs. Prior to Barracuda, Marc had been an executive in marketing with various companies (mostly in technology), beginning his first full-time stint with a computer products distribution company at age 22. The technology field makes total sense for Marc if you look at the big picture: First computer in 1979 (that thing must have been monstrous), became a programmer in his tween years, and began coding his own computer games so he and his friends would have something to do on a rainy day. Hungry for money in his teens, Marc worked nights and weekends in retail software sales throughout high school – earning various accolades for his achievements. Always a fan of intense environments and driving success, Marc shines in technology environments — whether startup or public.

Sure, being a marketing exec already sounds like a great gig – but Marc's after hours hobbies are so impressive you’re going to wonder if this guy ever sleeps. For the record, I’m guessing he does. This guy always has a smile on his face.

An avid tennis player since age five, Marc is now a USTA NTRP 4.0-ranked player who travels to compete in 4.0 to 4.5-level adult league tennis tournaments throughout the Bay Area. Not what you expected from a tech geek, right? It gets better..

Talented in woodworking and all forms of home improvement including, but not limited to: electrical, plumbing, tiling, landscaping, etc., Marc says, “I just don't do windows.” And judging by this photo, we’re perfectly ok with that!


Want Marc to work on a home improvement project with you? Take a number.

Ok, so now we know Marc is an athletic lumberjack computer geek – what else is there? What if I told you he’s also into aviation? No, he doesn’t fly the Parrot that is so commonly raced down these Cuda halls. Marc is an experienced pilot, taking his first solo flight in a single-engine Cessna at age 15 and obtaining an official pilot’s license on his 17th birthday.


With all of this going on, Marc says his true loves are his wife and two children. Oh, and two high maintenance Persian cats (hey, who are we to judge?).

Here at Barracuda, we’ve all got hobbies that take us away from the computer [momentarily]. If you enjoy getting to know the crew, check back for updates on the “Away From Keyboard” series and share this post with your friends as inspiration to get out and try something new. 😉

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