What can you do with Threatglass?

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A few months ago, Barracuda Labs launched a new website called Threatglass.  This is a website designed to raise awareness of compromised websites, and help users understand the ways in which malware-infected websites attack a machine.  The original press release is here, and the Threatglass website is here.

Threatglass features a Pinterest-like layout for easy browsing, but there is a blurry overlay on all of the images.  This overlay is put in place to protect viewers from potentially inappropriate content, and can be pulled back manually to reveal the screenshots beneath.  These screenshots give you a view of what the researchers discovered when they found the compromise.

Here's a closer look at what you see when you click through.

To the right of the screenshot you'll find a handful of information, such as Alexa rankings, information on URLs and objects requested, and a download link to a packet capture.  Scroll down the page a little and you'll find more information on the attack, as well as a space for visitors to comment.

That's a basic introduction to Threatglass.  So what can you do with this site?
  • Browse the compromised websites looking for patterns
  • Analyze the packet capture using a program like Wireshark
  • Search for compromised websites by top level domain
  • Review the historical data on drive-by downloads
  • Submit a compromised website that you've found
  • Start a discussion on a website or an attack

The site is a great resource for security researchers, network admins, and teachers and students of network security.  Try it out at www.threatglass.com.

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