A week in the life of a Technical Marketing Engineer

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As a Technical Marketing Engineer at Barracuda, I get to explore new technologies, analyze our current storage product lines, and evaluate how well our products compare to the competition. I also work with product marketing and management to find new ways to expand our offerings to better serve our customers and resellers. One of the best things about the job is travelling around the world, working with our resellers and customers to find out how Barracuda works for them.  A few weeks ago I was in Boston meeting with some of our premier partners in the region, as well as visiting with new and existing customers.  I also managed to take in a Bruins game and have some great food.  The things I do for my job!

While in Boston, I met with engineers from LogicsOne for an afternoon of training on Barracuda Backup. This was an amazing meeting with a room full of engineers.  During our meeting, we talked about what solutions have worked best for them, what solutions could be improved, and how Barracuda can help them expand their managed services division.   All of this feedback comes back to the Barracuda product teams and is used to inform future development and initiatives.

One great topic for discussion was how Barracuda protects VMware environments,  especially when there is a storage outage. Both local LiveBoot and Cloud LiveBoot help to mitigate the risk of a storage outage in a VMware environment.  With local LiveBoot organizations can boot a down VM in minutes and have it accessible to their end users.  The local Barracuda Backup will show as a datastore in the vSphere client.  Once the production storage is repaired, the VMs that have been LiveBooted can be vMotioned backed to production. With Cloud LiveBoot, we talked about the ease of use and ability to boot a replicated VMware VM in minutes.  This feature adds additional value to LogicsOne MSP offering, giving their clients the ability to sandbox test new applications and systems without using additional resources.  We will be building demo videos of these processes in the near future.

My next day was as busy as the first, however this time I met with some Barracuda customers. The high point of the day was meeting with Legal Seafood’s IT staff to go over their backup requirements and then enjoying an amazing lunch at their Harborside location.  Legal Seafood is an awesome Barracuda shop running Barracuda Backup, Barracuda Web Filter, and Barracuda Spam Firewall.  In addition to running day-to-day IT operations, the small (but highly qualified!) IT staff assists in opening new stores and fixing a wide range of things outside the standard IT environment.  This leaves them little time to worry about web security and backup. With Barracuda, they are able to make it work.

My final day was a trip to Providence to meeting with a group of IT Directors from local schools.  This meeting hosted by The Business Network Group (TBNG), a Barracuda partner that specializes in network design, security, implementation, and support services. At the event, we discussed how the Barracuda Message Archiver could help reduce the headache of mail administration. Shrinking budgets have forced schools to lower their IT costs, and primary storage is one area that often overlooked.  The Barracuda Message Archiver (BMA) with message stubbing can free up space on bloated Exchange information stores, which reduces the storage requirements on production and backup servers.   The BMA also has robust search and reporting features that keep schools and other organizations in line with regulatory compliance.

Regardless of where I am or what product I’m working with, my job is to make sure that our products meet your needs.  Are the Barracuda storage products working for you?  Is there something our product teams can do to make your job easier?  Let us know.  That’s what we’re here for.

Josh Kolka is a Technical Marketing Engineer specializing in storage and data protection.  Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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