LDAP now available as a beta feature in Barracuda Cloud Control

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The Barracuda Cloud Control team has just rolled out an update to BCC that includes a beta version LDAP authentication.  This is a pretty cool development for our BCC users, in that it allows customers to use their enterprise credentials to access and manage BCC.

LDAP authentication provides for same sign-on where one user name and password for a user is shared between or used for many services.  In this case, LDAP authenticates user names and passwords using your LDAP Directory rather than your Barracuda Cloud Control database.  You no longer have to maintain separate credentials for BCC, because the credentials are centrally managed through the LDAP directory.

While LDAP is best-known for the convenience of single sign-on, same sign-on, and simplified management, it also adds some security related benefits.  For example, admins can create specific password requirements via the LDAP system, and they can restrict access to BCC by restricting the LDAP account.

If you are accessing Barracuda Cloud Control, chances are good that you are already familiar with LDAP.  If you're not familiar with LDAP and directory services, there's a primer over on Dev Shed.  That can give you a good start on how you can take advantage of these services.

If you're ready to start using the beta version of LDAP in BCC, then we want to get you set up.  The BCC team is managing the roll-out of LDAP so that they can test the feature and make updates prior to a wide distribution. To get started using LDAP, contact the BCC team at [email protected].  They’ll get the LDAP feature enabled for your account within 2-3 business days.

You can also message that same address if you have any questions about the feature.

For more on Barracuda Cloud Control, check out our BCC documentation here, or these blog posts:

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